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Procedures of Apex Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Colorado Springs, CO

Holding Injection with Back of Man - Sports Medicine in Colorado Springs, CO
I am Dr. John Bissell. I am a physician in solo private practice. I specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM & R). I and others in my specialty are known as physiatrists. I attended Rutgers College where I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Biochemistry. I attended the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-Rutgers Medical School and graduated in 1985. I was in primary care and occupational medicine until 1994 when I returned to complete my residency at the UCLA-VA PM & R program. In my last year there I was a chief resident and after graduation taught there for another year before serving as the medical director of two inpatient rehabilitation units in Southern Colorado. In 2003, I went into solo outpatient private practice doing pain and sports medicine. Throughout the time I have been in private practice, I have pursued further educational goals in hopes of improving my abilities to care for my patients. As a result I also have subspecialty qualifications in sports medicine, electromyography/nerve conduction studies, pain medicine and spinal cord injury.
I specialize in sports and musculoskeletal medicine, specifically nonoperative treatment of over-use and under-recovery injuries. I became interested in this field because of my own outdoor sports pursuits and the recognition that many of my friends had chronic injuries. Over-use and under-recovery injuries commonly occur with repetitive use and involve tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone. These injuries frequently cause nagging, aching joint-related pain. Initially I treated these injuries in conventional fashion with oral medications, exercises and injections but I was not satisfied with the outcomes for my patients. So, I investigated many different medical approaches which all seek to treat these injuries and finally discovered the unique and new use of a patient's own biologically active tissue as a stimulus to promote full healing. This treatment is known as regenerative injection therapy and uses platelet rich plasma as the stimulant for promotion of full healing. It is entirely natural and introduces nothing foreign into a patient's body. My goal with this treatment is both alleviation of pain but also restoration of the involved joint or body part to its previous level of functioning. In short it's about enhancing performance and optimizing function. My intended population is active individuals who are motivated to return to a sports or life activity but are inhibited from doing so by a specific body part injury.
The treatments I use include exercises both stretching and strengthening, manual therapy and both diagnostic and therapeutic injections including in connective tissues, joints, spine and around nerves. The therapeutic injections include regenerative injection therapy which involves harvesting different elements of a patient's own blood and reinjecting them back into the patient's own body to restore connective tissue integrity, function and performance. This approach is not new as prolotherapy has been around since the 1930s. Currently, prolotherapy which is short for proliferant therapy involves the injection of dextrose and/or sodium morrhuate solutions to induce the production of better connective tissue in the injected region. What is brand new about the use of platelet rich plasma as a biologically active tissue matrix graft is that it uses the patient's own biologically active tissues to accomplish more complete healing in the injured body part. With the exception of the use of an anesthetic provided for comfort, only the patient's own tissue is injected back into their body.