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Becoming a new patient is fairly simple. In order to schedule a new patient appointment, we require each patient to fill out a new patient packet. First, you need to decide if you'd like to be evaluated for Ketamine treatment only or if you'd like a full physical evaluation to be considered for pain management.


If you wish to be seen for Ketamine and pain management, please ONLY fill out the Ketamine new patient packet. 


If you need help navigating the process to become a new patient, please contact us at (719) 635-3764 option 1. 



If you'd like Ketamine only click HERE to fill out the Ketamine new patient packet. It is generally faster to book a new patient Ketamine appointment than it is a new patient evaluation for non-Ketamine. One way to get seen faster is to first be seen for Ketamine and then we can also schedule you for a pain management evaluation after you've been seen for your Ketamine consult. If you are a Ketamine only patient after you submit the new patient paperwork you are finished. Our referral coordinator will reach out to you within 5 business days to schedule your new patient Ketamine evaluation. Ketamine is covered by all insurances!




If you are not interested in Ketamine and would like to be evaluated for pain management only, please click HERE to fill out our pain management intake form.  After submitting this form, you will then need to submit records to our office. These records should include any imaging (x-rays, MRI, etc.) of any painful areas and should include notes from any physician you are currently seeing or have previously seen for this pain. You do not need records from every physician you've seen about your pain. You only need to submit your imaging (if you have any) and the most recent progress notes from the doctor you have seen for this pain. To submit records please email your records to or you may drop them off in our office. If you are emailing your records, please include your full name and phone number and indicate that you wish to be seen as a new patient for pain management. In lieu of submitting records, you may ask your primary care provider to fax a referral and your last progress note to our office at (719) 635-7593. Once your new patient packet and records are received you will receive a call from our new patient coordinator to get scheduled. 

Please note *** if you have an HMO insurance*** you MUST have a referral from your primary care provider faxed to our office. 

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